Random Facts About George

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Personally I think it is a fun way to gain further insight. Grab a cup of coffee, here we go….

  • I can sell ice to Eskimo’s – Worked at the Sweater Shop as a part time sales assistant while at secondary school. Often achieving high sales, once persuaded one customer to buy the most popular cotton sweater in all 18 colours available in the range…
  • Managed an integrated marketing & promotions project on behalf of Panasonic for their Technics brand. It was the first time that Panasonic officially allowed the marketing of the Technics brand.
  • Was once a radio presenter.
  • Favourite museum is the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.
  • Have natural artistic ability and can paint.
  • Achieved a certificate in Fencing at the age of 9.
  • Face was used by well-known brand for promotional collateral. Floor to ceiling posters were hung in Selfridges department stores for the duration of the campaign.
  • Favourite pub is the Mahogany Bar, Tower Hill, London.
  • Find feet that smell of cooked breakfast quite disturbing.
  • Love love Art Deco.
  • Collects original vintage point of sale collateral.
  • Favourite tipple is French Pimms (sunshine in a glass).
  • Loves good food and is willing to try the new.
  • Moto lived by ‘make it happen’.
  • Volunteers time at an award-winning community garden.
  • Was once on Jim’ll Fix It!
  • Thinks in Costa Coffee and not Starbucks.
  • Talking of thinking… according the outcome of the test, I’m a diagonal thinker.



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