The Secret History of Our Streets

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Did you manage to catch The Secret History of Our Streets? This great program got me thinking about the power of storytelling.

The Secret History of Our Streets was a six part series on BBC2, produced in conjunction with the Open University. The Secret History of Our Streets dealt with heart-warming stories of times gone by while confronting gritty issues such as slum clearances and communities fighting for survival against the tides of change.

The series told the story of the social history of six archetypical London streets since Charles Booths survey of 1886. From Deptford to Caledonian Road, Kings Cross to Shoreditch and more viewers were given a unique insight into the lives of the characters that make up the communities.

My career started in and around Shoreditch. I often used to visit the offices of Somethin’ Else once situated on Old Nichol Street, Shoreditch. I often walked through the estate surrounding Arnold Circus which featured in The Secret History of Our Streets (see picture). I would describe it as an area that breathes history, frozen in time. I had a faint idea that matchstick girls and extended families living in one room once populated the area. I was always fascinated and compelled to find out more. I never did.

I love heritage. I love the stories that create heritage. Sometimes as a tourist you walk the streets. You admire the buildings and imagine the thousands of people who came before you and took the steps that you yourself take. You close your eyes and can almost hear the layers of whispered conversations from past eras. You want to eavesdrop on the stories that make the streets where you live what they are today. That’s why I love London. It’s the melting pot of old and new in every sense.

Marketing London: The Magic and Power of Real Stories

  • What was it that gave the series such a winning formula?
  • How did the series manage to engage and strike a chord with so many?

It was the touching, thought provoking and eye opening stories. The producers allowed the people who live on the streets that featured in The Secret History of Our Streets to tell their stories in their own way. This is what gave The Secret History of Our Streets such power. They are stories that we can relate to…

The Secret History of Our Streets came across as a charming and well-researched series. I for one have certainly been inspired to make the effort to visit The Prince Pub run by Eileen Christie that featured in The Secret History of Our Streets very soon and soak up the community spirit. I’m gutted that its come to an end. If you missed you still have time to catch up.

So the question now… what are you waiting for go and explore your neighbourhood. Don’t forget to look up and marvel all that is around you. You never know, you may discover something new.

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